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Welcome to the first and only multiseller firearms site dedicated to fine double guns. Our seller members, comprised of federally licenced dealers and bona fide manufacturers only, currently offer 6456 new and preowned items for sale, including fine American (esp. Lefever, Remington and A.H. Fox), English (esp. W.W. Greener) and German double shotguns and double rifles, combination rifle/shotguns and drillings, guncases, apparel, books, reloading tools and supplies, and ammunition.

Our seller community has pledged to bring you a wide selection of fine double guns and accessories, honestly described, to bring their expertise to bear on your questions, and to ship items promptly upon receipt of payment. We are the importer of the FinnClassic 512S (Valmet 412) system guns by Marocchi and also of Chapuis shotguns and double rifles. We offer our own unique sxs "Shot & Ball" slug guns. In addition we are pleased to offer Wingshooting (Bird Hunting) in North America, Africa (Namibia and South Africa), Argentina, England, and Spain.

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Chapuis Double Shotguns and Double Rifles
Parker Hale English Gun Cleaning Tools and Accessories
MK Owen - Hinge Pin Lube for Double Guns .. Keep that Fine Double Tight!
Double Gun HQ - Damascus Shotgun Barrel Wax and Rapid English Stock Finish for Fine Double Guns of Yesteryear

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Driven Perdiz in Western Spain: Ex Madrid, traditional driven hunts for Red-legged Partridge (Chukar), upscale private accommodation, for parties of 6-12 hunters, 400 birds, 2 nights w. one full day hunting, Euro 2000-3400 per gun (12 - 6 guns) plus VAT, spouses accommodation/meals free. Includes road transfers from/to Madrid, licenses, all meals, cartridges, and moderate alcohol. Walk-up days available on request. "Wingshoot the World"SM Ex USA, includes Africa (5 days), Argentina (5 days), UK (3 days Sept) or Spain (3 days Oct), duration 18-20 days incl. travel, 10 guns @$10,900, 6 guns @$9,900 observers $3,350 incl. meals, accommo, guides, moderate alchohol; excl. airfare, tips, shells, personal expenses. Itinerary flexible, independent time accommodated Argentina, Santiago Del Estero (SDE) Ex SDE, 4 guns min. 3 days dove + 1500 cartridges, $1,350; 2 days doves + 2 days pigeons + 1000 cartridges, $1,480; 2 days dove hunting + 2 days pigeons + 2 days ducks + 1500 cartridges $2,550. Packages include ammo, accommo, meals, guides, vehicles. Big game add-on available

Zimbabwe Private ex Bulawayo Two guns/rods cast & blast $2750 ea: 7 nights 6 days fishing for Bass on private water, with rough shooting for Geese, Francolin, Guinea Fowl. Excl airfare, tips, shells, personal expenses. Excellent plains game hunting, esp Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Klipspringer, Impala, trophy fees additional.

South Africa, Private ex JNB or PTG Bushveld and Kwazulu Natal, 9 nights, 6 hunting days, one transfer day 2-6 guns, high numbers of birds, Francolin walked up or over dogs, Guinea Fowl (best hunted in a larger group), plus waterfowl. $2990 per gun sharing accommo, excl tips, airfare, ammo and alcohol. Road transfer from JNB to bushveld lodge $400 per vehicle if necessary.

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Chapuis REX Artisan Africaine FinnClassic System Barrels by Lothar Walther Whitworth Arms Shot & Ball Gun!
Chapuis Double Rifles Unique hand-engraved and -finished round-bodied light double rifle by Chapuis with African game scenes with optional scope and 20 ga shotgun barrels. In calibers to 9.3x74R, view the gallery here REX Africaine; and other fine Chapuis guns here AGEX Jungle, UGEX Buffalo, and finally theRGEX and REX Series 3 guns.
FinnClassic 512 System In stock: the incredibly versatile FinnClassic System Guns (formerly sold as Valmet 412 and Tikka 512). Fantastic value, superb accuracy, European quality, proven strength and durability. Now in three grades, view the gallery. Download the Catalog. and contact us by email to order. As always with Lothar Walther cut-rifled barrels with adjustable regulation, 12 ga shotgun, combo, and double rifle up to 9.3x74R. "Bad Boy Shot & Ball" TM sxs gun, 26" 20 or 12 ga, regulated for Brenneke slugs and usable with any type of shot, ejector or non-ejector. Game scene engraved scalloped action, hand-checkered walnut stock with full length trigger tang, full length rifle rib with integral quarter rib, NECG/Rechnagel folding sight. 20GA EXTRACTOR GUNS NOW ALL GONE, 12GA EJECTOR GUNS AvAIL AT $2250 - place orders online per normal procedure. For additional pics, see picture gallery.

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